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  • v0.4.0-rc1

    After 18 months of development and nearly 400 commits (that are more new commits than all commits from all releases before) we had the absurd idea to make a new release. And here it is .. or well, at least a release candidate. We know that there are still some bugs left, so we'd be happy if you could report everything you notice, we'll try to fix everything and then we'll do a proper release.

    Most important changes in the new release are:

    • Experimental Android, Ubuntu Touch, iOS, OS X and Windows support
    • Media sharing: you can upload files and images
    • Last Message Correction
    • Spoiler messages
    • Links in the chat are clickable now
    • Presence of contacts is shown
    • Mobile traffic optimizations
    • Many new translations
    • Small usability improvements
    • Many UI design improvements

    A full change log will follow with the actual release.

  • v0.3.2
    b055265e · Release Kaidan 0.3.2 ·
    • Added AppImage build script (#138) (@JBBgameich)
    • Use relative paths to find resource files (#143) (@LNJ2)
    • Source directory is only used for resource files in debug builds (#146) (@LNJ2)
  • v0.3.1
    936a9789 · Release Kaidan 0.3.1 ·


    • Fixed database creation errors (#135, #132) (@LNJ2)
    • ChatPage: Fixed recipient's instead of author's avatar displayed (#131, #137) (@LNJ2)


    • Added Travis-CI integration (#133, #134, #136) (@JBBgameich)


    • Added Malay translations (#129) (@MuhdNurHidayat)
  • v0.3.0
    98416654 · Release Kaidan 0.3.0 ·

    Version 0.3.0

    • Added XEP-0280: Message Carbons (#117) (@LNJ2)
    • Added XEP-0054/XEP-0153: VCard-based avatars (#73, #105, #119) (@LNJ2)
    • Added file storage for simply caching all avatars (@LNJ2)
    • New roster design - showing round avatars and last message (#118) (@LNJ2)
    • New chat page design - showing time, delivery status and round avatars (#123) (@LNJ2)
    • Switched to XMPP client library "gloox" (#114) (@LNJ2)
    • Rewritten most of the back-end for gloox and partialy also restructured it (#114) (@LNJ2)
    • (Re)written new LogHandler for gloox (Swiften had this already included) (#114) (@LNJ2)
  • v0.3.0-dev-20170803


    Please note that the AppImage is built on a Debian Stretch base (glibc 2.17), and therefore might not work on older distributions.

  • v0.2.3
    5bf3155f · Continue with 0.3.0-dev ·

    This happens if you add new features, you also add new bugs and need to release another "bug-fix" release.



    • LoginPage: Remove material shadow (#113) (@JBBgameich)
    • Fixed Kaidan was crashing since v0.2.2 when inserting a new message to the DB (@LNJ2)
  • v0.2.2
    207d2e78 · Update changelog ·

    This release only exists, because we're planning to rewrite parts of the back-end and to switch to the XMPP client library "gloox" and we didn't want to write things as avatars twice, so we're doing a non-only-bug-fix-release now and then we'll start to work on the rewrite and profiles with avatars. Because rewrite + new features are a bit more work, the release probably will take longer than wanted, as the 0.2 release.



    • RosterPage: Clear TextFields after closing AddContactSheet (#106) (@JBBgameich)

    Unused back-end features:

    • RosterController: Save lastMessage for each contact (#108) (@LNJ2)
    • Add database versioning and conversion (#110) (@LNJ2)
    • Database: Add new roster row avatarHash (#112) (@LNJ2)


    • CMake: Add feature summary (#109) (@LNJ2)
  • v0.2.1
    2db2b0ea · Release Kaidan 0.2.1 ·


    • Roster page: Fixed style: Now has contour lines and a cool material effect (@LNJ2)
  • v0.2.0
    2abd4b2a · Release Kaidan 0.2.0 ·

    User interface:

    • GUI: Port to Kirigami 2 (#81) (@JBBgameich)
    • Use Material/Green Theme per default (@LNJ2)
    • Login page: New design with diaspora* login option (#87) (@JBBgameich)
    • Chat page: Slightly improved design (@LNJ2)

    New features:

    • Add Roster Editing (#84, #86) (@LNJ2, @JBBgameich)
    • Roster refreshes now automatically (#83) (@LNJ2)
    • Contacts are now sorted (@LNJ2)
    • Add unread message counters (#92, #101) (@LNJ2)
    • Add LibNotify-Linux notifications (#90) (@LNJ2)
    • Add custom JID resources (#82) (@LNJ2)
    • Add XEP-0184: Message Delivery Receipts (@LNJ2)
    • Disable stream compression by default (for HipChat/other server compatibility) (@LNJ2)


    • AboutPage: Fix possible closing of multiple pages (@LNJ2)
  • v0.1.0
    c1b15b6d · Release Kaidan v0.1.0 ·

    Release for tag v0.1.0